It's SUMMER! Finally after what has been a truly memorable year, summer has arrived. We know that summer usually means just shifting gears into other areas, not shutting down. Players are kept busy with club teams, tournaments, prospect days, camps, team workouts, etc. What we hear missing though is FUN! We've got an answer for that...NEXT STEP INDOOR! INDOOR IS BACK! It's the coolest way to play lacrosse in the summer!

If you've played with us before you know what to expect when we're going back indoors. You'll get the same back and forth, heart pumping action along with the speed and high reps you remember along with the music, enjoyment, and friendships you tell us mean the most!

If you haven't played with us before, you are in for a surprise! We play indoors on an inline hockey rink. Some of you may be thinking "that's box lacrosse." While we play in a "box" we aren't playing box lacrosse. We play a hybrid outdoor style of the game, just indoors. Teams are divided up at the beginning of the session and you'll be playing with about 10-15 other girls. There are 5 "field" players and 1 goalie on the floor for each team. As the game is played, players will substitute off the floor and fresh players will come on so there is an almost constant rotation going on. This helps push the pace and keeps the reps high. Since we are in a "box" if a pass is missed, it bounces off the boards and keeps the play going. After a goal, the goalie gets the ball out of the net and initiates play so there is no break for a draw. Unlike box lacrosse, there is NO body contact and no playing your opponent into the boards so it's safe and favors skill over physicality. We also don't allow checking so you've got to hustle back to play good defense with body position. Everyone plays both offense and defense so you are growing your skills while constantly moving. Most of all we emphasize FUN! We play music, laugh, and simply enjoy the sport. Sure we keep score but honestly I don't think anyone notices. Oh, and did we mention the AIR CONDITIONING!!!

Games will be held on Fridays (except 1 Thursday noted below) from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm on the following dates:
Friday July 1, 2022 *THURSDAY* July 7, 2022
Friday July 15, 2022 Friday July 22, 2022
Friday July 29, 2022  
Pavilion Recreation Complex
Any player looking to have fun and improve their skills!

 For players to participate in all 5 of the July sessions which will total 10 hours of playing time the cost is just $100.00. If you have early summer vacation plans or other commitments, this is a great way to know you have lacrosse on the calendar and won't break the bank! Registration must be received by May 31st!

To register, simply fill out the fields to the right and select the Buy Now button.

You will
be directed to our secure PayPal registration page. You do not need to have a PayPal account to sign up, just an active credit or debit card.

INDOOR JULY 2022 $100.00
All 5 July sessions and the full 10 hours for just $100.00. Must be received by May 31st!

NEXT STEP INDOOR will be held at the Pavilion Recreation Complex. The venue has just reopened after extensive renovations so if you haven't been there recently, you are in for a surprise!.

The address of the Pavilion Recreation Complex is:
400 Scottswood Road
Taylors, SC 29687

Here is a Google Maps Link to the facility:
Pavilion Recreation Complex

Players will need to bring all of their equipment to include: Stick, Goggles, and Mouth Guard. Players should wear footwear appropriate for athletic activities on an indoor sport court surface. Sneakers, tennis shoes, or basketball shoes are best.Players should also bring a water bottle with enough water to stay hydrated during an active lacrosse session.

Please plan to arrive early enough to sign in. We will begin promptly at the listed times. Players should plan to be fully dressed and equipped at the listed times.

Only registered players will be permitted on the playing surface during the event.

We encourage parents and family members to attend, cheer, and observe their players but please keep aware of your surroundings. Lacrosse can be a very fast paced activity and thrown balls have been known to stray from their intended targets. If you have any questions about where a safe viewing location can be found at the venue, simply ask any of the staff in attendance. We ask that only players be in the bench/administration area. This is for the safety of our players and staff.

All of the facilities we utilize are tobacco, alcohol, JUUL, e-cigarette / vape, and drug free venues.

We love four legged members of the family but please do not bring any pets to the facility. This is as much for their safety as it is for that of our players. An obvious exception is made for service animals.

Once payment is received, no refunds will be issued.
If a payment has been received for an event package or multiple session event, refunds will not be given nor the price changed for an attendee missing a session.
Event registration fees may not be carried forward to any future event and are only used for the event for which they were collected unless the event must be rescheduled due to local, state, or federal restrictions due to COVID-19.
Please keep these policies in mind when deciding to register.

The health and safety of players, parents, and staff are paramount to our event. As such, ALL local, state, and federal guidelines will be implemented and adhered to for the entire duration of the event. Beyond those guidelines, we ask the following:
1) If you or a member of your family are experiencing ANY signs or symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of the sessions, or have been exposed to someone who is experiencing ANY signs or symptoms of COVID-19 PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND.
2) Please be respectful of those around you by maintaining social distancing as appropriate and by wearing face coverings when 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained per appropriate local, state, and federal guidelines.
3) In the unexpected case that the NEXT STEP INDOOR is required to be canceled due to local, state, or federal COVID-19 restrictions, the event will be rescheduled for the earliest possible dates. Registered players and families will have their registration advanced to that event. Staff members will be in touch with each registrant to communicate all necessary information and details of new event information.
4) We fully expect to be able to hold a safe event. As guidelines continue to evolve in the coming weeks and months, we will also adapt the event experience in accordance with local, state, and federal as well as venue specific COVID-19 guidelines. ALL REGISTRANTS, FAMILY, AND ATTENDEES ASSUME ALL RISK SHOULD THEY DECIDE TO ATTEND. Registering for and attending any event indicates assumption of this risk. Should the registrant, family, or attendee have any questions about the assumption of risk, please communicate with the event staff PRIOR or registering. 
5) As information, guidelines, and best practices change prior to the event, the event staff reserves the right to amend these policies either by reducing or eliminating policies or by increasing or adding additional policies.

All events are assumed to be held as scheduled unless direct notification is made through this website. In the case of severe inclement weather, every attempt will be made to hold the event as scheduled.

Event organizers reserve the right to modify, amend, or otherwise alter the event to fit the conditions at the time of the event to include coaching or staff changes.

Event organizers reserve the right to cancel or reschedule an event in its entirety for reasons of safety, field/facility conditions, under the direction of the facility staff, or at the discretion of the event staff. If possible an alternate date, time, and location will be scheduled. Registrants unable to attend the alternate date will be offered an event credit to be used toward a future event.

Please keep these policies in mind when deciding to register.

Please reach out to us with any questions or if we can be of help in any way!    


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