With the Next Step Experience July 2021 event now behind us, we wanted to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who made it possible!

We thank all of the colleges represented for their support of what we believe to be a completely unique event ultimately designed to connect players with schools eager to show them what makes their program special.

We thank all of the families for not just making the trip to our event, but for all of the care, support, and love you have given to your players over the years, seasons, games, practices, and trips. While we believe in the value of the information we provide, the questions we answer, and the reassurance we give, we hope that in the years ahead the time you spent together as a family is what you find most rewarding.

We thank all of our staff for continuing to share your passion for the game in new roles. Many of you have been with us for years and your continued support means the world to us.

Mostly, we want to thank the players. Each of you inspire us. You continue to remind us of why we do what we do. We see in you reflections of ourselves and the connection to the game that has given us so much. We look forward to cheering you on as your paths become clear and your next steps lead you to new and exciting chapters in your lives!

As questions come up in the weeks and months ahead, please reach out and we'll do all we can to help provide answers and resources. We've already set into motion our Next Step Experience January 2022 event so if you know teammates or friends who would benefit from attending, please let them know where to find us!

Until we cross paths again have fun, play hard, and do good things! See you on the field!

Please reach out to us with any questions or if we can be of help in any way!


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