NEXT STEP 1 ON 1 is our most exclusive offering for families and players who are looking for extra attention, guidance, and insight to help you through the collegiate selection and recruitment process!

The Director of Next Step Lacrosse personally works with approximately 10 clients per year to offer full access to her expertise in navigating the challenging landscape that faces college bound athletes. Each 1 ON 1 package is as unique as the athlete and family requesting it so our Director creates the perfect combination of availability, communication, feedback, direction, and execution to help families! From simple calls and availability by text, to in person meetings with your family, to accompanying you on campus tours she can do it all. Be prepared for honest assessments and unfiltered feedback however as helping you get this decision right is too important for simple feel good responses and cookie cutter plans. Make no mistake, you'll still do the heavy lifting but our Director will be there with you every step of the way!

Plus many of the client packages include attending our signature events at a discounted rate so it's a true value that is difficult to match.

If working 1 ON 1 is something you think may be of interest to you on your journey, contact our Director to discuss availability and options through the email address listed below!

Please reach out to us with any questions or if we can be of help in any way!    


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