Helping athletes and families navigate the confusing and often overwhelming transition from high school to college with information, guidance, and care seldom found elsewhere.

Our goal is to provide exactly what is needed, when you need it, and in a way that is empowering! No matter your goals, we want to help you take your NEXT STEP!




A one of a kind event for players and families to receive unfiltered information on the field and off. Everything you needed to know in an environment meant to hold the greatest impact with plenty of playing and an unmatched educational experience! If you attend only one event to improve your understanding of getting to the Next Step, make it this one!




Our most personal service where our entire wealth of experience is yours and we walk with you on your journey. From the high school freshman just getting started to the senior who thinks it's too late, we can help you!


Have a team, club, organization, or group that needs a basic understanding of what they have ahead of them? Our FIRST STEP program is a perfect introduction on how to create a plan, and most importantly what not to do to take that NEXT STEP!



Having spent years in nearly every aspect of college admissions, financial aid, and coaching lacrosse at every level, we came to realize that there is a huge disconnect between what athletes and their families and the colleges and universities they are exploring to further their lacrosse and academic careers.

Often times families simply don't know where to begin their search for information and what resources are available to them. Not only do we have the knowledge but we also take the time to get to know each family and each athlete so our recommendations and connections are the most appropriate for their unique situation.

Athletes want the best playing options, families want the most value for their educational investment and our role is to leverage our expertise to the benefit of both!

We have connected with thousands of student athletes across the country and have directly helped hundreds of families find the perfect collegiate fit for their needs. We would be honored to do the same for you so no matter where you are in your process, reach out because we can help you every step of the way!


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